Personal Narrative: My Life As A Soccer Coach

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”Ladies, Ladies…” I can still hear his voice
I started playing soccer at a very young age and instantly fell in love with the sport. I have always been drawn to the validation of the attention I received when doing something well. And soccer wasn’t an exception.
I was in third grade when my family decided to make the move to Leechburg, Pennsylvania. Coming from a much smaller school and town, my parents decided to enroll me in the local soccer program to make new friends. My Coach, Coach Steve, was an amazing coach and mentor. He was a modest man who came from a low-class family in Portugal, soccer, however, afforded him a chance to go to college. Today, he spends most of his time giving back to the community by running our local soccer program. When I joined Coach Steve’s team, I knew he had a lot to teach, and I was lucky to have him.
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He had a few girls in the community that wanted to play and without a team, they wouldn’t get the chance. My parents and I felt a loyalty to Coach Steve, so we made the decision sign up, leaving my cup team behind. After my parents signed the papers and paid a small fee we were on board. Everything was in place and Coach Steve was excited to have his girls back. The girls he had spent so many years teaching and developing. His girls.
However, because of my own selfish reasons and pride, I felt if I played for travel again I would be going backward. I felt I was better than some travel team. So a few weeks after I signed on to play, I backed out. I chose to go with the team I thought could do more for me. Me! By doing so I caused others to back out, and the team fell apart. I gave him my word, then took it back. All those times he showed up for me, and I couldn’t show up for him. I could go to him for anything, and now, he is merely a stranger in passing at the soccer field where my little

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