Personal Narrative: My Goals In My Writing

Topics: Writing, Essay, Paper Pages: 7 (1600 words) Published: June 2, 2016

I came into Writing with 39B with the same goal I came into Writing 39A: to become a better writer. Mastering my writing skill has always been a challenge for me, yet I never give up when I encounter an obstacle; I work diligently to overcome my challenges. I believe I have gradually improved in my writing performance at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), this class has contributed to enhancing my writing and expanding my knowledge. I knew coming in that Writing 39B was a time-consuming class, but I underestimated the workload and the time dedication it required. I thought I would be able to dedicate the appropriate number of hours in Writing 39B without any trouble, but I was wrong. Besides taking Writing 39B, I am currently enrolled...

This project was very challenging for me because I felt the task was very unclear. I intentionally started to work a week ahead in hopes to do well, but it did not result in that way. My goal of to start early was to hopefully end early or use all the additional time to strength my essay. However, at the last days I ended up writing two newer versions of my essay. I invested a lot of time in my essay, but it still did not turn out the way I wanted. I understand that my work is not the best, there were some improvements. Some of those improvements included better addresses my ideas and connect my topic sentences with my argument. When I got my score back I was a bit frustrated and disappointed, but my drive to do well in the class pushed me to do better in the RIP...

I followed your recommendation to, "... stay in contact with [you] as [I] choose [a] RIP project and [to] make sure [I got] feedback at various stages of the project" to make sure to get a better grade. I went to your office hours every moment I was free to see what works and what improvements could be made. During one of your office hour, you pinpointed, " [that my] ending [for the "Ugly Duckling" was] a little fast and slick" and that I needed to " down and provide more detail". I solved the problem by adding dialogue at the end of the story to expand the information and by expanding on the ending details of the...
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