Personal Narrative: Joining The Brownsville Cycling Team
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As soon as I was old enough to understand that my mother and father did not love each other anymore, I knew I needed to be stronger. As time went on, tensions built until my parents finally divorced. Under these circumstances, both of my parents wanted complete control over me, arguments were constant, and I became a messenger for them during high school. Issues such as child support, bills, and time I spent with each of them were fought over endlessly. I became an adult and I needed to live my own life without the stress of my parent’s battles. I was ready to move on.

I found a solution that helped me cope with stress, stay healthy, and achieve goals such as making a difference the community and cycling longer distances. The solution was joining the Brownsville cycling team in 2010. Members of the team pay money to compete in events that raise money for various causes. For example, I fundraised for organizations such as Monica’s and Maggie’s House and Food Banks of the Rio Grande Valley by competing in the Pedal Against Child Abuse and Pedal Against Hunger. Knowing that others have financial needs or insufficient food made me want
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Last year, even with scholarships and grants, I still owed approximately five thousand dollars per semester. Although I enjoy assisting the community during the academic year, school is difficult because no one helps me. My parents fought over who would pay remaining tuition and in the end they contributed minimally. As a result, I accepted federal loans and applied for many scholarships, leaving me less time to study for tests and embarrassing scores. I found it indispensable to have a work-study position on campus, the primary reason my grade point average was low. This year I have looked back on where I have gone wrong and where I can improve academically. My new perspective is to work harder than I ever have before so that I can climb the mountain towards

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