Personal Narrative: Football Tryouts At Union High School

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In the early days of July of 2016 I was getting ready for soccer tryouts at Union High School. I was running every day in the morning and at night and I was also working on all of my ball skills at the high school during the afternoon with my two friends that I ran with everyday. It is the nights before tryouts and I could not sleep after I finally went to sleep, I got up about 5 hours later. Tryouts started at 5 O’clock in the morning. When you get there you go to the locker room and get your running shoes on and wait for the coach to tell you what we are doing for the day.
It was finally time I was trying out for high school soccer I was thinking as I was walking out on the track with the other kids. We got on the orange track and it was a cool misty morning with the lights lighting up the field and track. The first thing we did is run a mile in under 8 minutes and then we had to run a second one in udder 7 minutes and 30 seconds. When I finished i was getting a drink when everyone was done coach split us up with who made it and who did not make it. When we were split up I realized that I was the only freshman that made it I felt pretty good.
Then the coach said now go to the locker boys you got five minutes to put your cleats on and be back out here. I went into my bag and grabbed my brand new pair of Nike
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It was the end of the first half and we were losing 2-0 and coach was not happy because of our performance and the lack of effort we were putting in on 50/50 balls and going after the ball. After we had the talk at halftime, coach put me in. I was in back playing defence for the whole second half. At the end of the game we lost 2-1. Coach came up to me at the end of the game and said i'm not gonna be playing JV at all anymore and i'm gonna be playing full time varsity for the rest of the

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