Personal Narrative: Driver's Ed

Topics: Coming out, The Driver / Pages: 4 (971 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2016
I woke up on another school day, dreading that I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to drive for Driver’s Ed. I do the normal routine: brush my snarled hair, get on my blue jeans, a t-shirt and brush my pearly whites. I’m then standing looking out the window, waiting for Mr. Schimp to drive up to my house in the stylish, white, Driver’s ed minivan. I hop out the front door with my backpack and then get into the driver’s seat, ready to pick out my favorite radio station, Star 106.1. I was officially ready to start my 20 minutes of driving. I backed out of my driveway and proceeded my way South on my street till I reached the stop sign. I turned my right blinker on, and heard the tick-tock sound until I made my ninety degree turn. I eventually made it to Nadilee’s house, one of my driving buddies. Nadilee got into the back seat of the minivan, and I continued to make a loop around her yard to start going North on Olive Avenue. After I was driving at a comfortable pace for a couple minutes, Mr. Schimp thought it would be a good idea if I tried to use cruise control. He went through the steps of where the buttons were and how it works and asked, “Are you ready to try it?” I said yes because I knew I would eventually have to try it, and that was the day. So I tried it, I pressed the button to make sure the cruise control setting was on and …show more content…
I immediately get out of the passenger door and run to my dad and give him a big hug. I hop up into my dad’s white, Chevy truck, sobbing my eyes out, still hysterical of what happened and can’t quite catch a grasp on it. My dad talks for about five minutes to the Deputy Sheriff and Mr. Schimp, asking if I will still be able to pass Driver’s Ed, even though I thought it would be better for myself to quit , so I never had to get back to

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