Personal Narrative: Colonial Heroine

Topics: William Golding, Thought, Family, War, American films, Debut albums / Pages: 2 (466 words) / Published: May 5th, 2017
colonial heroine. People said I am different like my personality and I don’t give up. I am brave no one in my tribe is braver than me. People came to my country and try to take it from us but we wasn’t haven’t so went to watch them and then I ran into one of them and we talked about it and then he went and talked to his people and I went to talk to mine, but that didn’t do anything good. One night everyone was sleep and there wasn’t a sound, but the bugs and a weird sound. I woke up to see what the sound was and it was a spark in the trees it was a fire I woke everyone up so we could get to safety but some did make it R.I.P to those. No one knew what to do some wanted revenge, some was crying, some were scared, we looked at my father and he didn’t express …show more content…
As I went to try and find him I heard something behind me and I said two guns, so I ran fast as I could and when I say my grandmas tree I climbed it. I heard them say where did she go, one said that one and that way they went. I was so shuck that I said there for that whole night but so I woke up o someone walking pass the tree calling my name in a whisper it was John Smith I kicked him so hard in his chest he fell in the water I said why did yall set my village on fire. He said I didn’t have control over that I was locked in a room I had to escape because I was trying to tell you but it was to late so I’m going to help you and your people defeat them. I will take weapons and body armor from them, go tell your tribe and so I did. When I went back I told them and everyone was happy. When John made it here we got suited and ready. We headed to them and had a war first we split up some in the front some in the back. We set the back on fire and they came running right out the front and killed everyone of them. John Smith was kind of down because he doesn’t know what to do know so we told him just stay here in tell your ready and so he

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