Personal Narrative: Blackfoot Bronco's Athletics

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I have been in Blackfoot Bronco’s Athletics since my freshman year. Since then I have learned; the game, leadership skills, mental skills, communicating skills, to take care of yourself, practice hard to succeed, you will fail first before you succeed, always push yourself, respect others, have a good attitude, time management, reliability, to set goals, confidence, and builds character.
I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore year and I regret quitting. What I learned from volleyball is that you never should quit on anything. After I quit volleyball I had nothing to do after school and was bored. Junior year I wanted to play after I quit yet I didn’t think I was good enough. I had many injuries around volleyball season witch
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I played basketball for all four years of my high school. I was on the freshman team my freshman year, Junior Varsity team my sophomore year, and played Varsity my junior and senior year. My freshman year I was voted team captain and that helped me gain leadership skills and communication skills. I earned the award of honorable mentioned in basketball. In Basketball I practiced a lot, because I knew I could get better. Throughout basketball we had several coaching changes. We had Mr. Smith then Mr. Parker and now Mrs. Smith as coaches. Having a different coach every year I feel like it was making it more difficult for the players to grow as a team and ourselves. Each coach had very different ways of teaching the game. Even though it was hard to have coaches leave we also gained different amounts of knowledge from each one, which I thought was a great privilege to get to …show more content…
My accomplishments in softball were second team third baseman for my freshman and sophomore year and my junior year I got the first team utility player. I have got voted team captain in softball. In softball we had two coach changes, out first coach was Mr. Chavez and the coach currently is Mr. Torgeson. These two men have different coaching methods and it was very hard to adjust. Chavez was all about the hitting and Torg was all about bunting. There overall look at how the game is played are completely different from each other. Therefore when he had a coaching change it was a big shock for me. As a freshman, I played on the varsity team and I really loved getting to have that experience. I loved playing softball and I have played since I was about 5. In Softball I seem to always hurt myself, I have hip problems and I just recently had surgery on my wrist because of softball. Therefore I learned that you need to take care of yourself and work out to keep everything attached. You also need to practice hard to succeed because in my opinion, I think hitting a softball is super hard and you need lots of practice succeed. Softball is a great example of you will fail first before you succeed because in softball there is three strikes and you might not hit the first pitch but you can hit the next one. Therefore batting in softball you might fail first before he succeed. “Never let the fear of striking out get in your

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