Personal Narrative about moving from Virginia to New york

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William Yette
Mr. Tiernan
Personal Narrative
From Virginia to New York:
When I moved to New York to live with my dad, my life and ethics took a major turn. Many things changed, from school, to sports, to even the way I dressed. The people are different, the culture is different, and the way people talked was even different. The reason these changes had to be made was because of the black population in Virginia, they were all very gangster, and the New York population were mainly white, not that I have a problem with blacks, but they were very rude and inconsiderate. I am not racist at all, just people there are ignorant. In Virginia where I used to live, it was considered the ghetto part of my town, so I had to look, and act the part. But in New York where I live now, it’s the total opposite, a much more civil and calm town. I had to make so many changes to my life to adjust to the way people live In New York compared to Virginia. Not only the people and the culture, but my family in New York has a completely different way of living, by that I mean how they look at things, what’s right and what’s wrong in their eyes (I moved from Virginia to New York in 2007, when I was around 12 years old, in 7th grade). After the move life went forward, I got better grades

One of the main changes I faced, that were the hardest, was the clothing change. Where I lived in Virginia, I was the 10% that were white, 20% were Mexican, and 70% black. Now as a “white boy” in that crowd, things had to be done, to ensure that I fitted in. The main thing was the way I had to dress, and it was hard for me. Pants had to be baggy, they had to sag, and they had to be too long for your legs, so they were even baggier at the bottom. And for shirts, the sleeves of a short sleeve shirt had to go past your elbows, and they also had to be baggy. When it came to shorts, they had to go way beyond your knees. And the hardest thing to deal with, were shoes, Jordan’s were the major shoes...
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