Personal Narrative

Topics: Knee, American football, High school Pages: 2 (1023 words) Published: October 24, 2014

Benjamin Reaux
25 October 2013
English III AP 6th Period
Mrs. Susan MayetThe Reasons of Life
Throughout my life thus far, I have ultimately learned from experience that everything happens for a reason, a sole reason that has shaped my journey to contribute to my greater-good. This reason is intuitive, not to be specifically named but to be subconsciously present within the unlimited boundaries of my mind. Recently, I have faced the most defining moment in my entire life, and the early process of reasoning for this event is left for me to belabor. Early in middle school, I had not gained knowledge of my self-actualization and my abilities as an independent individual—I often allowed my peers to influence my decisions and thinking. Despite this, I came from quite the musically-inclined family, resulting in many successes in the school band. After my years of being awarded, respected, and admired by my band director in middle school, she was steered to nominate me to the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC), and my finding to attend this conference on leadership has unquestionably changed my life. In the subsequent pair of years, while experiencing these conferences, continuing my musical success, and joining the football team, I improved almost every aspect of my life as a student-athlete: my grades, attitude, leadership, and my ambition—just to name a few. My father was a leading factor in my decisions and my growth as a person as well as my band director. I returned to NYLSC for three more times, each time improving at being… me. These conferences were a four-day-stay at a hotel with seminars, lessons, and the accompaniment of other students from around the region, all learning about leadership. Meeting these other students allowed me to have an understanding of the regional diversity of people and society. I was learning more about myself, who I was as an individual, and my place in the world. After attending three conferences and being...
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