Personal Narrative

Topics: Utah, High school, Salt Lake City Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Hector Amezcua
Writing 0990
05 Mar 2013

Personal Narrative

Starting from a place I remembered as a teen, moving from a place that was warm to a place that had all four seasons; such as winter, spring, summer and fall. The First place that I grew up was surrounded by mountains. During the winter it was full of white snow, something that I was never used to seeing coming from California where all one would see was sandy beaches and the waves clasping one another. As I remember being so new to Park City, UT all I could see was the wonderful views of trees, mountains and people skiing or snowboarding. I have to say this was a fond memory because for the firs time I was actually able to experience the feeling of what winter was instead of just hearing about how great winter it was. I won’t deny the thing I loved most about Park City was the summer time because I was able to do more stuff such as camping which at that time I was involved with the Boy scouts so every summer we would go camping, I often went fishing with either church friends or friends of the family to a reservoir called Strawberry lake where in fact it is stated to be one of the best places to go fishing., There was one time I got invited to go to the alpine slides with bunch of the young men and young woman from my ward and well it didn’t go to well because I have a fear of heights and well lets just say I was screaming all the way down the slide. This differed from winter because the only thing to do was snowmobiling which I enjoyed doing half the time because I was siting on my butt, skiing well never tried since they didn’t have boots for my size back during the time I got offered to learn how to ski, snowboarding now I did most often as I could because it reminded me of surfing but on snow and had an awesome experience and enjoyed the sport, ice skating and many other winter activities personally I was not a winter person yet, so I basically used winter time to go to school and...
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