Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statement

Section I: My Role in My Education
I am currently in the second year of my educational plan. I have almost completed one session here at DeVry and have done two pervious sessions online with Limestone College. In four years, I will be at the end of my education and beginning a career in Hospital administration. This is where I will strive to make an effective change to the current system. My ultimate goal is to become head of administrative services at the Medical University of South Carolina where I am employed currently and be a positive role model for my children. I have worked with my academic advisors to arrange my classes strategically. This will ensure that my classes have been selected carefully. This order will forgo the eventual burn out that may happen toward the end of my education. This would be the result if left to me alone. This has helped me to map out my success and to prepare mentally for what lies ahead. I will graduate in the fall of 2013 and will move forward with my education in Hospital Administration. We all have obstacles but now due to the economy and everyone tightening there belts money is currently an issue for us and may others. My husband and I both work part-time to make ends meet. This uses up most of our productive hours so at some point it may lead to me cutting back my classes. However, I have seen how procrastination can be detrimental. So I will make sure to finish my education by whatever means required even if we have to cut out the extras. Another obstacle that could face my ultimate plan is my mother’s multitude of health issues. She relies on me to make sure that her bills and necessities are met. Should she become able to live alone at all, I would have to take care of her on a full time basis. This will mean a revamping of my schedule, longer workdays, and less time for school. I would have to cut back on a lot of our expenses, social commitments and little luxuries such as cable television and eating out during the month. Again, I may have to cut back on some of my classes, but I will remain a student if only part time. Finally, the last obstacle that I could foresee would be time management. Even if my mother’s health stays stable, I still have and issue with time management. Right now, I have three children living at home with me. One will being college while one will be beginning school. My middle daughter is very active in sports and requires a little extra attention. In my eyes, family does come first. If I were unable to delegate some of my responsibilities, this would cause me to cut back my classes as well.

Section II: Problem Solving for Success

Step 1: Research and Define the Problem Using Present State and Desired State
In my present state, I am a full and part time job and receiving funding for college. I do not have much of a savings but am slowly adding a little every week. My desired state would be to be a stay at home mom that could do school during the day and still have time for children and activities. I would like to have a generous amount of savings so when and if my mother requires more of my time; we will still be able to provide for our family.

Step 2: Determine the Causes of the Problem
What- The problem is that both my husband and I work two jobs and I am the primary caregiver for my aging mother. •Why- This is a problem because we both work long hours and the money we earn does not go very far enough. Any extra, we do accumulate usually goes to aiding my mother. •Who- My husband and I working and not earning enough to cover our expenses. I mother also part of the problem as additional funds are spent on her needs. •Where- The additional activities my daughter does are not a necessity and can be scaled back. My mother living on her own also takes up some of our earnings. We make sure these responsibilities are taken care of each month. These obligations consume money we could be using for...
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