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A common situation that has been reported on a regular basis within numerous health care facilities is the overall amount of communication that is taking place between nurses, doctors and patients. In some cases this lack of communication that is occurring among the staff can lead to errors and possibly death. While this is no doubt a tragedy, the reality that changing the culture of communication with in the hospital can be a formidable challenge that must be addressed to fix this ongoing problem that is occurring. This has lead to an increase in the number of medical malpractice lawsuits, where many plaintiffs have often said that they only way that they could find out the truth as to what happened to their relatives is to sue because the health care facility was not giving them the information that they asked for. Instead, opting not to communicate with the patient’s family because of the culture that exists with in the health care facility itself. This means that in order to address this growing concern the staff of the facility must at least agree that there is a problem and must then want to implement these changes to improve the overall amount of communication that is taking place among the staff as well as patients.

When you examine the overall significance of the lack of communication problems with in different health care facilities it is clear that this could affect the overall quality of care that patients are receiving. Since one of the major responsibilities of nursing is to ease the suffering of their patients means that they could very well be going against this tenant by not communicating with different staff member effectively. In most situations, it is the culture of the hospital that punishes those who speak up about what problems they see that is taking place. For example when a nurse is on her rounds she could observe that the patient’s condition has been steadily deteriorating. The most logical course of action would be to...

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