Personal Mission

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Running head: Personal Mission Essay

Personal Mission Essay
Michelle Wise

SPE-529 Foundation and Framework

Personal Mission Essay
When entering into a career choice we all have preconceived ideas and notions about what we expect. The laws, mandates, regulations, and changes in special education, which are continual and necessary for the betterment of our students. Quality education is not an option it is a responsibility of the educator and achievement is the goal for all students. However, meeting student’s needs is essential for successful outcomes. Furthermore, making a commitment and building our professional abilities, skills, and knowledge is critical for our growth and development. Over time changes in experiences, knowledge, and education will occur. These aforementioned changes will help educators become their best as professional so that we can continue to meet the growing demands for our students.  In my lecture resource reading, Resource 2: Module 3 Resources shared very essential information regarding teaching standards. These standards are very vital to learning and practices in special education. There are professional standard boards and committees that establish standards and requirements for the teacher certification. This is mandated from the state in which you live in. There are different guidelines teachers must follow nationally and throughout the state. The state also requires the special educators to demonstrate the knowledge in subject areas and skills in teaching. The information in Resource 3 had not changed my understanding of the meaning of a “special educator”. It just showed me that with continued education and perseverance, I must continue to gain more professional growth and developmental experience. The knowledge and skills one must possess to be an effective special educator, must continue the professional development training provided by the school district, and attend workshops,...

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