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My name is____________________. I graduated from ______________with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and look forward to pursuing a career in an administrative position. I have dedicated countless hours to the field of business and have put together a marketing plan in order to present my attributes to potential employers that are willing to invest in my future, as well as their own. I am very dedicated to my work and therefore very confident in my abilities as a leader. This marketing plan will focus on the skills that I have acquired in the years that I attended Wayland, along with marketing factors relevant to my current career search.

First I would like to focus on the customer, you. There are a number of reasons I am interested in pursuing a career with PinnacleAIS. DCP Energies, your main competitor, has seen market gains across the board in recent years, but they lack the infrastructure found at Pinnacle AIS. According to my sources your firm announced a 63% growth increase in your annual report, as well as a 95% compound annual growth rate. I understand that you are currently searching for a corporate development manager, a position that I began seeking upon entering the workforce. I also understand that the position requires a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of two years’ experience in a corporate environment, and excellent verbal/interpersonal skills. For the past five years I have worked as a business risk consultant and have been highly rated among regional clientele. Amidst fulfilling my role as a consultant I feel I have refined my skills beyond the degree specified in your search. I come equipped with an administrative degree, five years experience in a corporate environment, and have trained colleagues in communicative techniques geared towards business. These are some of the attributes that lead me to believe that I am a candidate well suited for your corporate development manager position. In continuation I would like to tell you a bit more about myself.

To begin I would like to start by drawing attention to my athletic career, which I believe laid the groundwork for becoming a team player as well as a dignified leader. I began wrestling in junior high and learned very quickly that it was a sport in which you get out exactly what you put in, so I dedicated myself, and it paid off. Throughout the years I was granted many leadership positions including captain of Team Texas and the Morton Ranch wrestling team. These positions showed me what it was like to dedicate myself entirely to my work, and granted me the liberty of understanding what would come of it. The success I experienced in high school is what enabled me to attend college, a place where I would further develop my work ethic. In the four years that I attended Wayland I was a full time student, full time athlete, and was also employed full time. I believe that the time I invested during those years has given me the experience and the knowledge to excel greatly in the work place. I hope that this information proves to be mutually beneficial as you undertake your decision making process.

It is my understanding that many of the applicants for this position will have experience in this field of work that may exceed mine. But what many lack is enthusiasm, I enjoy what I do, and I take pride in knowing that the career field I have committed myself to will bring joy to my life. People too often find themselves in a career field in which they don’t enjoy. This can be the biggest mistake that anyone can make if they wish to be truly successful. Although I may lack experience I believe that I more than make up for it with enthusiasm and subsequential dedication. On a related note are my possible pitfalls. I have come to notice that my attention to detail and perfecting my work can often be a personal downfall of mine, as I strive to perfect every matter I undertake, I often end up disappointed as I realize that...

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