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Personal iHealth Literacy
What drew me to enroll into the medical coding program is the fact that I find the health care world to be fascinating. I started my career in the legal field and dealt with worker’s compensation and tort cases which involved getting the medical records of the clients and reviewing them to make sure we received the medical records that pertained to the accident or injury. When my legal career ended, due to the lawyer I worked for becoming the Mayor of Haverhill, I found employment in the health care field, and I have been in the health care field for six years. I started out as a Care Team Coordinator, which is a position that deals with the scheduling for the clinicians, running reports to track paperwork, etc. After two years in that position, I was promoted to an Area Operations Specialist. In this position I travelled to branches throughout Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut. I would run reports in order to review how the branches were doing on tracking their paperwork, reviewing their billing, meeting and discussing with the Branch Director and the Area Vice President how the process flow in the specific branches were going, correcting any issues that were discussed and to train new employees. I really enjoyed the position as the Area Operations Specialist, but then I was downsized and my position was eliminated. I have not been able to find a position in the health care field that is as satisfying and challenging as the Area Operations Specialist.

One of the jobs that I had while I was an Area Operations Specialist was to tackle the non-clinical portion of the patient’s chart to make sure that we had everything we needed prior to billing out to Medicare or the insurance company. While reviewing these charts, I became interested in the medical coding that I would read on the plan of care. Since I have not had any job satisfaction since I was downsized, I felt it was time to take a step to get myself into a position...

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