Personal Life and Happiness

Topics: Personal life, Time, Happiness Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 13, 2012

To define the word happiness is nearly impossible; it means different things to different people across the world. To some people getting an A on a test brings them happiness while to others a simple hug. Happiness comes in many different shapes and sizes and comes at many different times but it’s what makes life worth living. Although to some people happiness can be different every time you ask someone what happiness is to them. So who knows if you can truly define what happiness is as one definition. Being with family can be enough for someone to say that family is what brings happiness to their life and to someone else family is not enough for them to say that is what happiness is to them. It may be that money is what brings happiness. The person that says that happiness is brought from being with their family will disagree with the person who says money brings happiness. Being with family is enough to make them happy. Just being with people you can always count on and go to whenever you need them there. They make things that happen in life less hurtful and help you understand that you’re not going to be alone. Money is not enough for them to be happy with. Where someone who says money is what brings them money, would probably say money is enough to make them have happiness. Being able to go out and buy themselves things makes them feel better about themselves. No one can really judge some on what they think happiness is, but people can have there on option on it.
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