Personal Letter

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Paragraph 1
Say hello, ask a few personal questions and/or make a few chatty comments. How are you? Did you pass the exam? I hope so. The weather here is really bad at the moment. Last week, I went to…

Paragraph 2
This is your main reason for writing. Answer questions your partner asked. Anyway, I’m writing to…

Paragraph 3
Talk about some of your plans for your exchange partner’s visit to your country. We’ll probably visit…

Paragraph 4
Finish the letter with an excuse to stop writing.
Well, I have to go now because…

Say goodbye and write your name
See you soon/Write back soon/Lots of Love

Useful Vocabulary
Presents: book about Britain, box of chocolates, CD of traditional music, ornament, perfume Music: classical, folk, heavy metal, jazz, rock, techno
Clothes: gloves, jeans, jumper, raincoat, shorts, suit, swimming costume, trainers Places to go: art gallery, cinema, club, football match, gym, museum, park, party, restaurant

To give more information:
You can go wherever you like.
We can go and see whoever we want.
You can buy whatever you like.
You can make a cup of tea whenever you like

Dear Frank,

All the best to you for the New Year! How are things going in the Land of the Rising Sun? I must say, I really envy you getting that Tokyo gig with the company. Somehow they overlooked me on that one and I am forced to slug it out here through another frigid and snowy Montreal winter. Brrrr!

I heard through the grapevine that business is going well there. Rumor has it that you guys are just about to close a big deal with the Japanese government for an M-750 Simulator. Great news! Good for the company and good for you. Keep up the great work!

Did you hear about Margie Bronson suddenly leaving the company just before year-end? It was a bit of a shock to say the least. She gave one week's notice and was gone. Nobody knows for sure what's up with her but rumors have been flying fast and furious...
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