Personal Learning Experience

Topics: Running, Shin splints, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Tarik Dean
English Composition and Gram - GE 102 - 03
Personal learning experience essay

Running track probably benefited me more than most people. When I ran track I just didn’t benefit from the physical exercise, but track benefitted me in many other ways I didn’t come to realize until I did a little self examination on myself. Looking back I realized track didn’t just make me more powerful physically. It also learned that it made me more powerful mentally. Through track I also learned how competitive I am. If I didn’t run track I don’t know if I’d be as physically and mentally powerful, or if I’d be as competitive. Track taught me how competitive I was. My competitiveness is the major factor I tried out for the track team my 7th grade year of middle school. I had a friend named Jamille who was known to be one of the fastest guys in school. So wanting to know where I stood in terms of running I challenged him to a race, but after countless races we couldn’t decide on who was fastest. Due to the results of our races and the fact that Jamille’s mom was a track star; Jamille announced he was going to join the track team and become faster than me. I was convinced he would indeed become faster if he joined and I didn’t, so I decided to join the track team also for the sole purpose of beating my rival. My reason of joining the track team exemplified how competitive I was. Track also brought out the competitor in me through the races. Although it was Jamille and I first year running track he was better at it. I ran the same event he did so we could compete against each other, but he beat me every time initially, so I started to do extra training, like running around the block in my neighborhood and doing pushups and sit-ups daily. Because of my effort I was able to beat my rival in one of the two races we shared by the end of the season. I never realized I was so competitive until running track. Never would have thought I would commit to a sport team and...
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