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FAFM :Personal Learning Paper

FAFM :Personal Learning Paper:
DATE : 15.11.12- 01.02.13
Learning’s From FAFM:
* 1st Class starts with ice breaking and course plan for upcoming session * Infosys annual report - How to read the annual report
* Compare with previous year annual report – percentage change year by year. * Auditor report – is the annual report is as per AS and rules followed as per standards * Corporate governance – meetings attended by directors and maintenance of records * Notes on accounts – brief about the content in the balance sheet * Market share – value of a company in the market

* CXO Duties – which includes CEO, CFO, CMO
* How to compare with other companies and to relate with market * And also saw the annual report of RIL , ITC , TATA Motors * Introduction to Financial analysis
* How to do financial analysis
* Tools and Techniques
* Case Discussion
* Gemini Electronics
* Cash Flow Statement – will show the liquidity of the flow of cash in a company * Operating Activities – what are all the expenses will come under this, for selling , distributing etc., * Investing Activities - what are all the expenses will come under this, investment in other companies or shares etc., * Financing Activities - what are all the expenses will come under this, dividends etc * Cash inflow and out flow

* How an Income statement and Balance sheet differs from Cash Flow Statement * Lehman Brother Company
* Movie about the company
* About Lehman Brother company
* Bankruptcy Identification
* Ratios – solvency ratio, liquidity ratio, efficiency ratio, profitability ratio * Horizontal & vertical Analysis of Balance sheet and Income statement – how to compare and contrast the given numbers * Z – score calculation and analysis

* Cariboo Industrial ltd
* Corporate Fraud
* Z- score – to predict the value of the company in future as it...
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