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Personal Leadership

By domide1 Jul 07, 2010 1003 Words
HHS Personal Leadership Plan

This paper will be exploring an area of the human services in which I currently work in; the surgery area is one of a special matter completely different from the rest of the hospital areas. I will be proposing a plan in which the following will be included: a moral vision, certain guiding principles, and plans for the future and what I hope to achieve as a leader in the surgical area. I will also discuss the issues of ethics and how an ethical leader is important.

HHS Personal Leadership Plan Ethics and Ethical Leaders
To describe a leader I would start by saying that a leader is someone who rules, guides and, morals inspires others. Leadership is about known how to shine through a vision. I would define leadership as a power of motivation that others see through our words and the way we treat others. Ethics is described as ideas that motivate people based on ideas of correctly and wrong values of a person’s moral. An ethical leader I would describe as someone who values his/hers personal ideas and encourages other to value their own. In the human services is, it a sensitive field in which ethics is of great importance we also expect to see issues with ethical decisions in the human services fields.

Ethics in the workplace and in real life are the same some people do not seem to understand this point. Many also believe that ethics is something related to our personal side of life and not to the work side. Ethics is about making the correct choice even if that choice does not feel good for them, but it is the correct choice to make at that time. Ethics is not the same thing as feelings; feelings may provide some kind of important information for our ethical choices. To make ethics easy to understand into terms ethics is not a religion, not the law, not a cultural acceptance and it’s not a science ethics is just the standards that tell us how human beings should act in many situations. Ethics is important in the workplace because we as health providers need to realize when we have to make an ethical decision for another person.

Ethical leadership is needed in the field of surgical care because of all the decisions that need to be made for the best of the patient during surgery. An ethical leader has an obligation by their profession to provide the correct care. The leader is placed in front because of his/hers standards in the setting they work in and they have accepted the moral obligations, which come within the job. Some roles of a leader who I found to be every informative for myself is that of the following: that an authentic transformational leader has been closely associated with that of a moral leader (McGinn). This has caught my attention because when I do become a leader in the work place I would like to be viewed as a transformational leader. In order to be a special leader the person needs to understand that becoming a leader understands the standards and difference between coworker and employees and learn when to show you as a friend and as a leader. With becoming a transformational leader him/her genuinely and selflessly uses his or hers position of influence to address the real needs of the followers, the leader acts in the role of a moral agent (McGinn). As a leader you have the ability to over time make your integrity, reputation and behaviors affect the area in which you in affective. One other important part in which I think that a leader should have is that of integrity, trustworthiness and must learn on how to gain authority with the way him/her talk during conversation, presentations and most of all with their actions.

As a leader in the surgical suite I, would need to have all of the following: integrity, trustworthiness, and respect, be selfless, and learn how to make my words and actions speak one tone. To make a good moral vision it is important to make sure that I maintain a well balanced life style in which work and personal life styles can meet in the middle. I want to make a road map that will assist in making the correct choices. They are five sources in which the ethical standards can be helpful they are: the utilitarian approach, the rights approach, the fairness or justice approach, the common good approach and the virtue approach (Manuel Velasquez, 2009). The vision in which I plan to provide a stable decision- making work area is those who will make my leadership different from those of the ones I have had before. When making a decision I will ask myself a couple of questions. Will this damage someone or a group with my decision? Will the choice have a good effect on the issues? Is this matter more a legal or an efficient decision? After these questions have been answered I, still will have more than just asking myself these questions. Is there stakes for anyone after making this decision, will it affect the group and how will the change be effective?

Know that ethics and being an ethical leader is not easy but understanding the difference between work and life should reflect on you to your fullest. No one said that being a leader is easy but making decisions which affect many people is easy if you stand to your morals and do not change just because you feel that the decision you have made could put you in the wrong with others.

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