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Personal Is Political

By crazyflowerchild Jan 19, 2013 399 Words
Patrycja Szewczyk, T3.2
"The personal is political" Should the state have the power to decide whether or not woman can have an abortion.

Abortion is a controversial issue and always induces very emotional reaction. In many countries it is illegal and banned. People try to soothe their remorse and avoid literally speaking that abortion is killing unborn, defenceless human being. Should state interfere with termination of pregnancy or let women decide for themselves?

First of all, no one has right to kill another person, it is not restricted only by religion or by law, but by basic human rights to live and these right should be respected. In my opinion as a woman, abortion is crime and it should be banned. Pregnant women, who are emotionally involved in this situation, should not be able to make a rational decision. They are afraid of financial problems, difficulties with birth and upbringing a baby. Moreover, it happens sometimes that they under pressure and try to help men not taking responsibility of the baby. They need support from family, beloved man or psychologist help. Secondly, restriction in law can save many human beings. If mother does not want her child, she has an alternative - can allow adopting her baby by people who have problems with procreation. This solution can make that baby find a new, loving parents, who provide for him appropriate conditions for intellectual and personal development. Adoptions could save money which are spent by government on in vitro fertilization. On the other hand, feminists fight for their right to make decisions about their bodies and unborn child. It should be acceptable in certain situation – when life of mother or child is in danger or when woman was victim of rape or she is mentally disabled. But they do not consider, however, if abortion is safe for women’s health. It can cause problems in conceiving in future and makes women vulnerable to miscarriages. Moreover, one also does not take into account spillover effects, for instance constant feeling of guilt, remorse, shame, depression, insomnia, obsessive thoughts about the baby she might have had. To sum it up, I strongly believe that state should prohibit abortion and leave women with pro-life decision. The proper sexual education, availability of contraception and awareness that human embryo is not a unnecessary part of female body could help to lower abortion rate in future.

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