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Topics: Goal, Leisure, Term Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Personal Leisure Inventory
Assignment #1

Name: Sumit Dubey
Professor: Marianne Staempfli
Course: EDRD 3500
Date: Jan. 27, 2012

Personal Leisure Inventory

Leisure and recreation is an important part in everyone's day to day life. If you look at a typical persons schedule, they sleep for 8 hours and work/go to school for 8 hours. What does a person do for the rest of the 8? This is where leisure and recreation kicks in. Leisure is time spent away from work, business, or school and recreation is a specific activity done in leisure time. I will be sharing my own leisure inventory which include my current leisure activities, the benefits I get from them and how frequent I do them.. Then I will talk about my leisure needs and the plan I will pursue in order to accomplish my goals. Current Leisure Activities| Anticipated Leisure Benefits| Frequency of Involvement| Working out at gym| Physical, health, social| 1 hour/day| Playing Basketball| Physical, health, social| 8 hours/week| Bhangra (Dancing)| Physical, health, social, cultural| 6 hours/ week| Hanging out with friends| Social, cultural| 3 hours/day| Watching TV/Playing Video Games| Social| 2 hours/day|

Types of Involvement
Reflecting back upon my table of personal leisure inventory, I can see that I am currently engaged in a lot of physical, health and social leisure activities. Working out at the gym, playing basketball, and dancing are all integral parts of my life and the physical and health benefits I get from them are amazing. All my leisure activities are social benefits as well as each activity I have listed requires me to be social. A couple of my activities also give me cultural benefits as well. Hanging out with friends is a great cultural benefit because depending on which friends you are with you adapt to the culture surrounding them. Or in my case I have a sense of different culture when I am with my friends. Also,...
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