Personal Interview Bshs 355

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Psychology, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: July 19, 2015
Personal Interview with Kim
On April 2, 2014, I interviewed Kim Barber, a mental health worker that works with children and their families with mental and learning disabilities. During our interview she spoke of how her daily schedule, who she works with, why she chose this career and the issues surrounding working with her clients. Kim Barber works for Behavioral Health for children. The clients she works with have behavioral, mental, and learning disabilities. The main focus of her job is therapeutic intervention and teaching new skills. She does work with these children one on one along with their families and other professionals to help the clients be successful in school and at home. (K. Barber, personal communication April 2, 2014) Kim’s day pertains to working with three different children, age’s six to eleven. Kim goes to two different schools and works with these children hat their home. Each child has “prescribed” hours to receive the required treatment at school and at home. The three children she works with all have different needs. One of the children she works with she is required to sit next to the child. He is easily distracted and is unable to stay focused. His behaviors require having someone with him so he does not harm himself or others in the classroom. Another one of her children does not require much attention; she sits in the back of the classroom. The only thing that she is required to do is to help the client get his things together at the end of the day to make sure he is organized and has his work for the evening. Her third child needs help in the classroom and the home. His problems cause him to become over excited and overwhelmed. He never remembers what needs to be done, even if he was just told. She assists with focus and getting his work completed in class and his homework. She provides encouragement to each of her clients to help them work on their treatment plans. (K. Barber, personal communication April 2, 2014) Kim works...
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