Personal Integrity

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“personal integrity” is a meaningful title ,we all seek to make ourselves perfectly integrated,in psychology they define positive people as the people they pefectionize their personality always ,in other phrase people who seek integrity.personal integrity is a project to be achieved along with your life ,depending on motives you have; which considered as fuels of your journey to be such personal integrated.yourevery thing around you takes part in forming your integrity ,here is you,yourself,yourself`s deep desire to be perfect,or class a,examples of persons like influencing pioneers or leaders,historicevenets and marks you have studied or experienced,teachers,professors,and family-how many any one of us is having such examples!.indeed no one is perfect but can score up to 99.9% of perfection,but how perfect you are ,means how successful you can be willed to be such integrated to be such good example to inspire others,every one is unique with something ,we all cannot be examples of trueleaders but we can be examples of true workers ,co-workers,employees,and apprentices-i`m not talking about the perfect town of aristo-,i have been raised up on the best of us is the most causing benefits to whom around.during my academic studying I learnt how to be honest and accurate ,I guess this is mainly academic integrity established on,this is for instance transmitted to my professional life and could be noticed by my co-workers or even bosses ,reflecting their respect to me and trust in doing whatever work .life cannot be divided ,it is an entire time in it you acquire morals and ethics through different resources or intervals . 1-it has been very required to commit to ethical principles (integrity notions) ensure the originality right or as I used to know it as “patency “,as those principles referred to in my field (pharmacy),you can possess a thought of yours ,become the pioneer of certain idea application,this saves your effort ,no cheating .but first of all those

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