Personal Improvement Plan

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Personal Improvement Plan

* I would like to be able to trust people more.
* To feel more comfortable with getting a session started.

Role and Responsibility
* Be more open to others offering me help.
* Do more role-playing and practice more.

Methods, Skills and Steps needed to improve
* Role-playing
* Modeling
* Rehearsing
* Prioritizing
* Reinforcement

Duration and Frequency
I will work on these goals every week for every class until I graduate or have mastered them.

I will evaluate my goals at the end of each week to make sure I am staying on track, and again at the end of each class.

Renegotiation (if needed)
At the end of each class I find that I am not following my skills plan properly or achieving my goals, I will renegotiate a new plan and break it down into smaller components. If at any time I feel that I have reached my goals but have new ones to work on, I will make a new plan for myself and implement new skills for that goal.

Consequences if I do not learn to trust people and learn to be more comfortable in sessions are, I will not be able to effectively give my clients the resources needed for their goals if I do not trust them to actively participate in the completion of reaching their goals. Also, if I am uncomfortable in the start of my sessions, I will not have the clients faith in my ability to help them, and I may not have an agency that would be willing to hire me.
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