Personal Hygiene

Topics: Hygiene, Personal care, Hand washing Pages: 4 (1054 words) Published: June 30, 2014
Understand the importance of good personal hygiene
The maintenance of personal hygiene is essential as it helps to preserve the health and overall wellbeing of individuals. Not only is this directly beneficial to the personal health of the individual but also to those coming into contact. Poor personal hygiene can not only result in physical issues but can also affect an individual emotionally and socially. Physical effects:

Sores or rashes occurring on surface of skin
Itchiness resulting in scratching leading to broken skin
Infections or diseases developing with the potential of spreading to others Bacterial and fungal infections
head lice
internal infections such as gastroenteritis caused by unclean hands

Social and emotional effects:

Loss of confidence leading to lack of social contact and inability to form new social relationships Upset occurring due to potential bullying
Damage to self-esteem and/or self-image
Depression and/or anxiety
Unable to find employment (although not applicable from client perspective)

Signs of poor personal hygiene:

Dirty/ unclean clothing
Messy and/ or dirty hair
Overgrown facial hair
Decaying/ unclean teeth
Bad breath
Foul body odour
Long and dirty finger nails
Greasy and/or dirty appearance to skin

Be able to support individuals to maintain personal hygiene

Factors that contribute to positive personal hygiene:

Residents should be encouraged to wash hands after using the toilet and should be both encouraged and if needed, assisted with washing and dressing into clean clothing. The home should provide adequate laundry facilities to keep clothes clean and distributed to bedrooms ready to wear. Staff should also provide services to keep finger nails clean and cut. Baths and showers should also be made readily available upon request. Washing facilities should be made available in bedrooms particularly for more independent residents along with clean towels and flannels, etc.

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