Personal Hygiene

Topics: Oral hygiene, Hygiene, Periodontitis Pages: 3 (354 words) Published: January 21, 2007
Personal hygiene is very important because when we're in close contact with

other college students bad breath or body odor is very offensive. We all want to feel like

part of a group, but when our poor hygiene gets in the way, you may find you do not

have very many friends.

As parents, we need to encourage our children to practice good dental and

personal hygiene, so that when they are adults they will develop good hygiene habits.

At an early age as young as 11 years old, boys start to notice their body changing.

They may find out from their school friends that they have bad body

odor or bad breath. To get the attention they want they need to take care of

themselves. Good grooming results in improved self confidence and better health.

There are varies products to purchase to prevent body odor, like body

sprays, cologne. As well as for bad breath, mouthwash, mints, chewing gums.

One of the reason for bad breath may be due to gum disease known as gingivitis

(Inflamed gums) or dental abscesses.

Diets high in fat and protein have been shown to cause bad breath than diets

high in fruits in Vegetables. Fasting also produces ketones that can change how the

breath smells. ( Boiurn, Michael. Pharmacy Post Oct.2005)

The second halitosis is due to systemic disease state. About 10% of halitosis are

caused by nasal, Sinus or tonsil conditions kidney or liver failure, some cancers, lung

infections, diabetes mellitus, gastro esophageal reflux and cirrhosis are among the

diseases that can cause halitosis.

The best way to avoid bad breath is to prevent it.:

Practice good mouth care

Brush and floss your teeth

Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol

Visit your dentist

Eat regularly and often to avoid "hunger breath."

So inclusion the ethical thing to do when you have this concern about bad

Breath is to tell that person only if they are your family or your best friend. Co workers you let their...

References: Boiurn,M Pharmacy Post Oct. 2005
Pearson, N. Canadian Pharmacists Journal : Sept/Oct 2005; 138, 7; ProQest Nursing & Allied Health Source pg 67
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