Personal Hell

Topics: Dennis Rader, Sedgwick County, Kansas, Bill Clinton Pages: 2 (927 words) Published: September 26, 2007
My Hell consists of a slide-like shape which has bends and plateaus where the sinners are placed upon. This slide has three major levels; the first houses the sinners who sought to harm others by taking advantage of them when they were in a trusting state; stealing and cheating. The second level is for those sinners that caused harm to those surrounding them by physical means. The third plateau is at the bottom of the slide and is meant for sinners that hid in the shadows and preyed upon others weaker than themselves. The first plateau is divided into three sections. The first of these sections is for the liars who used their words to harm others. This section is covered with a thick layer of maggots that crawl across the sinners bodies. The sinners are strapped to the floor of the plateau and must endure the writhing pain of the flesh eating maggots as they devour the sinners piece by piece. Their cries of pain are silenced by the hundreds of maggots that are festering in their mouths. As I cross the plateau one of the sinners manages to free his mouth from the maggots and call out my name. Walking towards the sinner I recognize this man as Bill Clinton, the former president who had lied about his affairs with his assistant. I begin to feel remorse for him as he tells me his story. I realize that he has been dishonest not only to himself but to a whole nation of people. I leave the fallen president to be devoured forever by the maggots that were created by his lies. Moving onto the second section of the first plateau I see where the thieves are kept. They are all running around with hordes of jewels and treasures that have been strewn across the plateau. As they run great winged beasts that are part bull, part eagle, swoop down and pluck individual sinners off the ground. As the great beast rises into the air the sinner is torn apart limb by limb just as the families were torn apart by taking money and possessions from them. As I hurry across this part avoiding...
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