Personal Health Assessment

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Personal Health Assessment
Donatelle (2010) explains the six dimensions of health that comprise overall wellness. With the help of the assessment worksheet, I can score myself on each of the dimensions and determine areas that I can improve. It will give me a clear indication of which dimensions I need the most improvement, and also can help pinpoint exact areas for refining. Strongest Dimensions

The social dimension is the area I am clearly the strongest. I have always had a large, close-knit group of friends who I can turn to when I need to talk, and in return they rely on me, too. My friends and family know I will give an honest opinion and recommendations, even if it may be difficult information to hear. I have met several people who say they are envious of my friends and my family, as we have regular gatherings for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and even social traditions. My friends know my children, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. A day never passes that I feel alone, unwanted, or unneeded. Directly related to the social dimension of health is the dimension of emotional health. For the same reasons I have strong social health, I also have a high score for emotional health. I have a diverse group of friends, and we share experiences, problems, triumphs, and life in general. A stable support system helps me react to problems in a calm manner and step back and assess situations fairly with the knowledge that I can find the help that I need in any situation. My intellectual health is relatively high. This is because my mother raised my sister and me to be thorough in obtaining information before making decisions. We have been taught to use critical thinking skills and think of the consequences of all possible actions prior to making a final decision. Improving Weakest Dimensions

My lowest score for the six dimensions of health is my physical condition. The majority of my life I have been in good physical shape, active...
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