Personal Growth and Career Development of Managers and Employees
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Kelvin Chambwa

Question: Personal growth and career development of managers and employees alike are among the most important tasks for managers. a) Describe characteristics of adult development b) Explain causes of career related stress for ages between 30 and 50 years c) Discuss organisational causes of stress and stress management strategies

Early adulthood is entered when men (and women) begin careers and families. After an evaluation of themselves at about age thirty, men settle down and work toward career advancement. Women go through the same type of cycles that men do. However, the life stages of women tend to be tied closer to the family life cycle. Stress effects on both individuals and organisations can have negative repercussions. Stress is usually defined in terms of the internal and external conditions that create traumatic situations, and the symptoms that people experience when they are stressed.

Job-related stress is particularly likely to become chronic because it is such a large part of daily life. Stress reduces a worker's effectiveness by impairing concentration, causing sleeplessness, and increasing the risk for illness, back problems, accidents, and lost time.
When an organisation’s employees suffer from stress, a number of effects such as high levels of absenteeism and lower productivity are likely. Overall, the costs to the organisation are likely to be substantial. It is therefore in the interests of the senior management to set about reducing the overall levels of stress for individuals so that the organisation as a whole can function properly.

This assignment will first describe the characteristics of adult development, then explain causes of career related stress in individuals aged 30 to 50 and finally discuss the causes of organisational stress and then explore stress management strategies.

Main discussion a) Characteristics of adult development
The process of adult development provides

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