Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student

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Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student

Until now I have never been asked to write about my personal goals in a paper. So, as I

sat down to brainstorm, I discovered that I did not have very many goals. I found that I listed

more reasons to achieve my goals than actual goals. This made writing this paper a great deal

harder than I thought. Although, the results were very interesting since I had to think about what

I wanted out of life and why. I realized I have educational, personal and career goals that I

want to achieve.

My educational goals are learning how to gather, retain, plan and use the information

that I am learning. I must relearn how to be a student. I must read, research, explain, write and

report information. I intend to use the University's library and the internet and my peers to help

me get adjusted. I am also trying to adjust to online classes. This is my first on-line course and

the teaching method is the exact opposite of the way I was taught. So, I am learning several

new things.

Another goal is to get a bachelor degree in accounting. I realize getting my degree will

take me a little longer than most to obtain my degree because I am planning to drop out of

school during tax season. I cannot work two jobs and go to school at the same time. It would

not be fair to other students or me because I could not devote the amount of time it takes. But,

once I have completed my degree maybe I can continue to further my education; who knows

maybe even complete my master's degree. Completing my degree should enable me to get a

better job and make more money. I do like my current job and my coworkers but I do not

respect the managers. They are the worst professionals I have ever worked for. For this

reason, I always keep my eyes open for a better job. There have been several jobs advertised

that requires a bachelor degree. I would never apply even though I have the experience; I did

not think they would hire me. Sometimes I would apply just to get an interview; even though I

knew I would not get the job. I figure it would give me more experience for the future.

Many jobs required a licensed CPA but I do not want to be a CPA. Hopefully, my degree and

experience will qualify me for the job. If not, it was not meant to be.

My career goal is quite simple. I would like advance in the accounting field maybe go

into finance. To reach these goals I must do several things. I need learn to trust people.

Dealing with the public, I am told many lies and excuses which tends to make me not trust

people. As each day goes by, I am starting to regain trust because of the peers. I see they work

hard and try to help each other. This gives me a little more faith in people. So, once I complete

my degree, it will show my employer that I am a dedicated and hard working employee.
The most important goals to me are my personal goals. I must learn to handle day-to-

day issues. Now that I am back in school I must change my life. What I mean is I must make

decisions about my everyday life. I have to learn to balance my personal life, my job and my

studies. To do this I have set up a calendar and blocked off times for each one. My biggest

block is work, then school, then personal things. It is very hard trying to balance everything. I

think it is even harder trying to retain the new information. Now that I am older, I find my mind

is thinking of everything, the holidays, my mother illness, school work, my family and work.

Often I even wake-up in the middle of the night and start making a list of everything that is has

to be done. So, I started keep a pen and paper beside the bed to write down everything.

The older I get the more I forget.

When I have completed my goals my husband, family...
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