Personal Exploration Worksheet

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Personal Exploration Worksheet

Part 1: Select 4 groups that you are the least familiar with from the following list:

Native Americans
Displaced homemakers
People over 60

Part 2: Write a 50- to 100-word response to each question:

Group 1: Native Americans

1) Describe your assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions about members of this group. When I think of Native Americans, I think of buffalo and teepees. I watch the discovery channel and know that the buffalo was important part of Native Americans lifecycle, and is used in everything from holy rituals to teepee construction.

2) When you think about working professionally with members of this group, are there traits, characteristics, or other issues about the group that you would be curious about, concerned about, or intimidated by? Why would understanding diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker? There are no traits nor characteristics or issues about this group that I am really curious about. A lot of them have made a large amount of money from oil and other normal bases found on their lands and some lived at near hunger levels. It would be important for use to understand diversity issues with human service, because it help us understand their background. Understanding their beliefs would help human service providers avoid label and biases that can damage their efforts.

3) How could advanced knowledge of the group address concerns and assumptions? It could advance knowledge by relationship with Native Americans communities deeply reviewing our thoughts about the nature of community researcher partnerships. And would have to surrender our roles as experts and study the different ways of knowing their beliefs.

4) What kind of information, learning experiences, contact, and so forth would you need to increase your knowledge about this group? We would need to compel our time to their needs to feels that...
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