Personal Exploration Worksheet

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Personal Exploration Worksheet

Part 1: Select 4 groups that you are the least familiar with from the following list:

African Americans
Native Americans
Asian Americans
Jewish Americans
Arab/Muslim Americans
Single mothers
Displaced homemakers
People over 60
Unemployed people over 50

Part 2: Write a 50- to 100-word response to each question:

Group 1: Arab/Muslim Americans

1) Describe your assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions about members of this group. The men are allowed to have more than one wife. The women are to be submissive and obey the men without question. Their wardrobe consist of lots of fabric and the women are fully covered and never show skin or they will be thought as fast, promiscuous they still believe in arranged marriage.

2) When you think about working professionally with members of this group, are there traits, characteristics, or other issues about the group that you would be curious about, concerned about, or intimidated by? Why would understanding diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker? The thing I would most be curious about would be if they marry out of their race. I would be concerned to know if they feel threatened to live in the united states do they feel as if they are discriminated against as much as in the time of fall of the 911 towers. I would be intimidated if a group spoke loudly in their language after I asked a question. I have to understand diversity issues to help, understand and communicate on a deeper level if not I will be of no help.

3) How could advanced knowledge of the group address concerns and assumptions? Advanced knowledge of this group addresses the assumptions and concerns that not all Arab/Muslim Americans thought or felt that the attacks on American were right or justified and many may feel they receive a bad reputation because of a small few, but they all receive the back lash of those events....
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