Personal Experience Speech

Topics: SEAT, Airport, Woman Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: March 22, 2011
I. I’m not much of a traveler
A. I rarely leave New England
1.In fact, my first time on an airplane was last summer.
B. My boyfriend, Kris and I planned a last minute trip to California. 1. It was a connecting flight from Boston to Atlanta, Atlanta to Salt Lake City, and finally to San Jose. 2. What an adventure that was.

I. As I was going through the airport I was already nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. A. At the first security check point Kris handed a woman our boarding pass. 1.She marked Kris’ with a stamp and instructed him to use a red bin for random further inspection. 2.She also marked mine w/the same stamp, she realized she had done that by mistake and crossed it out w/a blue pen. She said I will use the gray bins as normal. I didn’t think much of it and continued in line. B.We emptied our few belongings we had in our designated bins. 1.The next security guard quickly stopped me and questioned why I defaced my boarding pass. I explained what had happened at the first check point. Likely story right? 2.I was detained in a closed off area, was asked to remove all accessories and turn my pockets inside out. One security guard ripped through my gray bin and the other radioed to find the woman at the first check point. She eventually came over and concurred with my story. And they finally let me go after about fifteen minutes or so. II.Once we were on the plane my nerves were kicking in and it didn’t help we didn’t have seats next to each other. A. Kris sat in front of me

1. He sat in between two nice elderly women
2.Helped one of them with her bag
3.I heard them chatting and giggling
B. My seat on the other hand, was not so pleasant.
1. I sat in the middle and the two serious women I was between hogged the arm rests. So I sat like this most the flight. 2.The woman in the window seat kept the window closed, so I never got to see the sky. 3.And worst of all, she kept ordering Tomato juice, the smell...
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