Personal Experience of Driving Under the Influence

Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: November 7, 2006
Under the Influence
I never thought that being under the influence and driving was such a big deal. Of course many people have gotten into accidents because of it but I always thought that, that was because they weren't careful enough. I thought that all you had to do was focus on what your doing and make sure that you don't drive all over the place. When I started going to parties in high school and older kids had their licenses I would jump in their car and catch a ride home once the party was over. Not caring whether they were drinking or not as long as they weren't trashed. I had a lot of older friends that drove and I would always get a ride home with them not thinking any thing of it. I didn't care that the kid who was driving me home was just playing at a beer pong table for hours. As I became older my friends and I started getting our permits and licenses and could eventually drive on our own to these parties. I never drove drunk but I knew many friends that did. It didn't affect me until this one night that I will never forget.

One of my friends threw a party on a high school Saturday so everyone was there. It was a huge party because his parents left for the weekend and everyone was invited. We had the music blasting all night long and we had all the drinking games you could think of going on in different sections of the house. We had beer pong going on outside, flip cup in the living room, ring of fire downstairs. It was a huge house too so there were over one hundred people at this party which is a lot for a house party in my town.

That night I caught a ride with a friend of mine, Scott. Everyone was having a fun time; drinking, listening to music and chatting. Eventually, it was time for the party to end and at about two in the morning people started leaving. I found my friend that I had gone to the party with and he said to me "we are all going to go to Montauk to see the sunrise, are you down?" by "all" he meant him and...
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