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Topics: High school, Middle school, Secondary school Pages: 3 (1410 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Do you ever think about the next generation? Having to consider all that is happening in the world today, you can’t help but to answer yes. I’d never put much thought into the future of my generation or other generations to come until I experienced something that changed my own life. During my high school career there was a class which offered a teacher readiness program for students interested in the teaching profession. This class gave students an opportunity to intern at a school of their choice. While I was completing my internship at my local junior high school, I noticed several unacceptable behaviors from many African American female students. From week to week, I observed their behaviors; the results I noticed were an indirect cry for attention. I was curious to know what was triggering these behaviors. Did they know they were hurting themselves? Were they ever wondering if they went down this wrong path, they could end up in jail? Even dropping out of school or becoming pregnant? Maybe lose their life to crime? I was stuck figuring out a way to defeat the root of this growing problem with the female students. If this is what we have to look forward to with the next generation, who will be our teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, or entrepreneurs? As for myself, I live in a part of town where poverty and violence is a big issue but I did not know how badly an environment can affect other aspects of your life, in this case, a child’s behavior in school. As I have gotten older, I have realized a person’s environment can affect so much of what happens in life. Experiencing such events as gun shots; you have to run in the house because you are scared you might get shot. People asking you “Did you see someone break into your house?” You start to wonder will you be the next person to get your house broken into. You see men having a fight with their girlfriend because of chips or food. The man quotes “Go get me some chips,” the woman replies. “No go get...
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