Personal Experience

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Personal Experience

It was on the 25th of October when we were celebrating a religious holiday called Eid al Ad’ha. It is somewhat like Christmas as our tradition is eat cook a feast, which is composed of rice, cooked with several spices and lamb chops. But this instead of lamb chops we cooked a whole goat. We had to bring that much meat due to the fact that there was such a large number of friends celebrating with us. We were about 30 people and because of that number we had to find a place that can fit all of our friends. We found a cabin that was just right.

It was on a Friday morning when we left Manhattan with all our supplies and headed to the cabin, which was in Salina, about 2 ours away from here. It was smooth trip until we were at the end of our journey. At the end of the Journey the GPS told us to take a turn which was a dead end and so we were lost. We looked everywhere for that place and somehow we found it after another hour and a half of driving around aimlessly with no clue where to go. We were so happy and psyched that we reached our final and desired destination but we had a bigger problem now, We had to navigate another 6 cars to the same place not forgetting that there wasn’t any cell phone coverage or any internet service so we had an extremely hard time navigating frustrated friends. We had to drive around in the car in search for cell coverage.

Now all our friends were here and we were delighted that everyone came but now it was time for the hardest part, cooking for about 30 starving guests. This was a challenge for me as I have never cooked for more than 8 people and it was my first time cooking goat’s meat which needed 6 hours to cook by itself, the rice needed another hour to cook and I was seeking perfection. It was hard and I was under the supervision of one of my friends who doesn’t cook anything except goats. After cooking the meat we marinated it with some oil and turmeric then put it in the oven which would make the meat...
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