Personal Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Personal Ethics Awareness Inventory
My Ethics Awareness Inventory indicates my ethics perspective is most likely based on obligation which means I believe that human beings have intrinsic value - we have a right to individual respect. Therefore, you cannot support social traditions and policies aimed at the best interests of society as a whole if any individual is denied the opportunities to which she/he is entitled as a human being (University of Phoenix, 2007). SCORING SUMMARY

MOST 7953
LEAST 56103

I often cannot support business decisions that are presented as being in the best interests of my company, especially if such policies deny individual employees the opportunities to which they are entitled as people. My approach to ethics is that I believe as long as people are acting within the limits of the law and humanity, they should be allowed to make their own decisions. Although, I do not think acting according to one's instincts is unethical, and is in fact necessary at times. I also believe encouraging people to grow as individuals and improve their lives is more important than increasing business profits through what I consider inhumane business practices such as traditional downsizing or reshaping. In general, I support business policies that provide equal respect and opportunities for all the employees at my company. I consider business decisions to be ethical only if they support the free choice of individuals which supports creativity. In being assessed as obligation, I think businesses should act in accordance with established standards of right and wrong the same as individuals (University of Phoenix, 2003). Challenges Addressing Ethical Dilemmas

My ethical perspective is not without its challenges when it comes to addressing ethical dilemmas in both business and personal settings. Often what I think is the right choice does not look like the most beneficial short-term choice...
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