Personal Essay

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Personal Essay
John Doe
COLL100 D114
American Public University

Personal Essay
The following is a personal essay about my learning style. In this essay I will discuss my reasons for seeking and pursuing a college degree. It will also include my learning style that was calculated from the inventories that we have taken. I will also give my thoughts and personal opinions on my learning styles based on the inventories, and weather I agree or disagree with them. In this essay I will discuss my thoughts and view of my personal learning style and how they can help me in my pursuit of a degree.

Reasons for seeking a college degree are personal in nature and to also be able to transition into another career after 20 years of military service. I have learned over the years that I have gained a lot of skills to be able to continue a career after military service, but there are some areas that you will need a degree to be able to pursue them. I have always enjoyed working with kids and coaching them. Having a love for baseball, working with kids and helping them achieve their goals on the field and in life itself. Playing sports not only help kids excel in that sport but it also teaches them discipline and hard work to achieve their goal. This also transfers to daily life and helps them deal with anything that life puts in front of them. My passion for this belief is what drives me to complete my degree and be able to follow through with teaching young individuals these basic values. Understanding your goals and learning styles a huge factor in achieving you final goal.

After taking the inventories, I have learned that I’m 42% Kinesthetic, 33% Visual, and 25% Auditory. According to The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, (2012), you prefer to be a hands-on learner and most likely love to move around frequently, like athletics, and to build things with your hands. This is one of the things that I have learned and observed over the years in...

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