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Personal Essay of Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis
College 100 D066
American Military University
Linda Algozzini

This is the personal essay of Michael Lewis and my learning styles. My essay will include reasons why I decided to go to college. I will talk about my learning styles according to the two inventories I have taken. As well as my opinions on whether I agree or disagree and how it plays a part in my future education. My learning styles according to (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012) say that I am 18% visual, 44% auditory and 38% kinesthetic. The learning styles from (Felder & Soloman, n.d., http//www.engr, me a 7 for visual. I agree with the inventory findings. I am 100% a hands on type person and have been my whole life. Since a very young age I have been able to watch family members or friends perform a task, and then practice it until I have it completely perfect. I can do most with just listening to directions also but, I would have to say it would defiantly have to be a subject I am interested in. I am seeking a college degree for personal and professional reason. My personal reasons are to show my children the getting a good education will help you for future. I also want to show them that no matter what you have going on in your life there is time to get a degree. I also just want to expand my knowledge. My professional reasons are to show my superior’s that I want to advance. I know if my subordinates see me getting my degree it will motivate them to pursue theirs. I found that my learning styles given to me by the two inventories that I took were spot on. They re-enforced what I have known about myself, but I also learned other way to help me study. My children and subordinates will see that anything including a college degree is attainable if you put your mind to it. My bosses will see that I am committed to them and the organization and am striving to better myself and...

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The Center for New Discoveries in Learning. (2012). Learning styles inventory Retrieved from
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