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Topics: Friendship, Friends, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: April 2, 2013
As the world gets more competitive, superlatives are valued over fellowship and social bonding. The nature of the world can be confusing and seemingly cruel at times. The demand of academic excellence, social acceptance, and athletic abilities can strain the adolescent mind. At times many of us fall into states of negative self-reflection. According to Murphy’s Law “Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse”; we’re all interdependent on each other relying on others to encourage us at our time of vulnerability (Murphy). As friends, we have the innate ability and responsibility to help our buddies realize their value.

In a high school environment, people are exposed to all species of students: jocks, jokers, nerds, hipsters, hippies, hotties, sweethearts, etc. a friend can represent be any of those categories; in fact the best of friends can be polar opposites. Then what is a requirement for a friend? With the mass media available over the internet, there are “How To” guides for countless numbers of topics; however, we become friends by sharing self-realizations and moments of intense emotions from personal experiences and not through systems or guidelines. No words can explain the plane of understanding two friends can share, and each relationship is as unique as the people who share it. This level of understanding allows us to glimpse into the minds of our friends and feel their radiating energy of emotions. True friends offer each other strength through tough times and a safe haven from stressful situations.

I believe that all men/women are born good. That’s why children dream of being astronauts, princesses, and G.I. Joes instead of thieves, liars, and failures. Everyone experiences grief, disappointment and sadness every once in a while. However, less fortunate individuals endure a series of unpleasant events or intense episodes of sorrow. It can lead people astray, prompting to self-destructive decisions. Many people underestimate the...
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