Personal Education Philosophy Statement

Topics: Education, Philosophy, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: November 17, 2008

Personal Education Philosophy Statement
Benny L. Calloway
University of Phoenix
Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Steve Deutsch
October 15, 2008

Personal Education Philosophy Statement

Today’s diverse philosophical world is a microcosm of today’s diverse-student population. These means that our beliefs, our philosophies, even our values may affect many aspects of our lives. Those aspects of our lives may include religion, life style, politics, and education. In other words, so many people have a philosophy or belief about ones religion, ones life style, ones politics, and ones education. There are so many diverse philosophical differences in this vast world in which we live.

As I think about the task of discussing what my “personal education philosophy statement” really is and how I finally recognized it, I will have to give you an historical perspective of my education. I will call it the “shaping of the educational philosophy of Benny Calloway”.

I now know that education begins in the home and that parents are the first teachers for better or worse. Well, coming from a family of fourteen sisters and brothers, I can tell you that my parent’s primary focus was not on teaching. The primary focus was on survival. My parents emphasized to the best of their abilities that education was important. They also made me aware that education was painfully “Separate”, and “Not equal”.

As the seventh sibling in my family, I received a lot of instruction from my older siblings. I received a lot of instruction from other relatives such as uncles and grandparents. Moral beliefs and other religious philosophies were taught to me by the neighborhood preacher. I definitely learned the difference between right and wrong. Now let’s discuss phase II in the “shaping of the educational philosophy of Benny Calloway”.

Let me begin by telling you that I had a...
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