Personal Development Plan: Improving Areas of Weakness

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My personal development plans objective is to identify, classify and deliver the actions that need to be taken to achieve my life, personal and professional goals. This module has allowed me to better recognize my strengths and weaknesses which will drive me to my goals. ‘’A Personal Development Plan (PDP), also called a Plan of Improvement, is a document intended to improve areas of weakness that a person may have. ‘’ (Derrick Meador, My current situation

I study at London Metropolitan University. I am currently in my second year studying Events Management and Public Relations. I decided to go to university due to my lack of confidence. I previously did not believe in my possibilities and had never thought about my future. My past drew my future. Being unhappy in the past is what has encouraged me to seek a good life. I moved to the UK three years ago not knowing what I was doing. I motivated myself to get here which was not easy. As I am in my second year it is time to think about my future and the goals I want to achieve in life. This module has enabled me to consider personal and professional goals and decide on my career path. With this module I realized that in addition to working on my weaknesses I also need to work on my strengths and make the most of them. A weakness could be turned to strength with some effort. In the events industry there is strong competition and this is why I have to work positively in my education which leads to my professional life and is related to my personal life. Goals and Aspirations

My current three goals are to:
1. Settle down with my partner.
2. Feel successful in my professional life and enjoy my job. 3. Finish university and have some work experience by then (internships…).

1. I always felt unstable as I have been moving from one place to another consecutively. Since I moved to the UK I have lived in more than seven houses. It taught me to be an expert in packing. I moved to London two weeks ago; that was my ninth move.

This is the main reason why one of my main personal goals is to have my own house. I am aware it will take time to buy a proper house. Regardless of buying a house I want to rent a flat with my partner.

My partner and I who happens to be an engineer have considered moving to Germany in about 2-3 years due to the demand of engineers in Germany. I previously lived in Germany for a year when I was a kid. I remember it as a happy time so I would not mind going back there and forming my family there.My plan is to be fully settled and happy with who I am before I have children People always tend to want or at least try to get the things they have never had. This could be one of the reasons I have so eager to find ‘’my home’’ as I have never felt completely settled. I planned to have my own house in about five to six years.

Right now I am not economically able to buy a house so my short term goal is to have my own flat. I am working hard to get a good job and be able to afford my own flat as London is really expensive.

2. My mother was a single mum who did not receive any money from my father during my childhood who happens to have two more kids. My mother was taken out from school when she was twelve to work in the family business. A soon as she could escape she did but it was too late to study again as she had already three kids and no partners. We never felt hunger but I remember opening the refrigerator and not seeing a single thing to eat. I promised myself I will never give this life to my kids and I will work hard for them so they will not have any missed opportunities likewise will not be spoilt. This is why I am fighting hard for my future; this is why I am at university. I want to have a proper job, be prepared and have the required skills for it.

I want my dream job and I am going to work hard for it. My top dream is to be part of the organization of the...
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