Personal development plan assignment

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Employers always looking for unique employees who take responsibility for their learning and development needs to gain the personal and professional skills needed to support the strategic direction of an organization. Learners can achieve this through analyzing their current skills and preparing and implementing a personal development plan.

Task 1 (skills review)
List your organization strategic goals.
Review skills needed to achieve your organization strategic goals.

My organization’s vision and strategy:
Pfizer Inc:” Working Together for a Healthier World®”
At Pfizer, Our ultimate strategic goal is to extend and improve people’s quality of life. By usage of our vast worldwide resources, we compete to bring the best therapies to people through setting and applying the standards in both development and manufacturing of our wide portfolio of world’s best known health products. We at Pfizer aim to spread medical awareness globally by cooperating with governments and civil society organizations. Through 150 years, we worked to make a sensible change.

My role at the organization is a medical representative.
Medical Representative
Is the main link between medical companies and healthcare professionals, promoting drug awareness, answering questions and presenting new drugs and therapies.

Skills required:
Good ability to understand and present clinical data
Adaptability with changes in therapies and healthcare system •Sales and negotiation skills
Confidence, patience
Good planning and organizational skills
Market, commercial and business awareness
Should be able to drive cars
What are my Strengths?
1-Patience – Patience is my virtue, I don’t get annoyed easily. 2-Confidence – I’m confident in my information which is an added value for business. 3-Time management – I have good time management and planning capabilities which helps me to achieve my target visits. 4-Good scientific and medical knowledge – I am highly knowledgeable with latest medical therapies which help me to be an up to date credible source for health care professionals. 5-Good driver – Good driving ability which helps me to drive to remote areas and crowded places. 6-Listening skills – I am able to listen carefully and actively to others’ points of view.

What are my Weaknesses?
1-Sales and negotiation skills – not my point of strength, I have to professionally develop those skills to be more competent. 2-Commercial and business awareness – I don’t have enough professional experience to be fully aware with business and commerce.

What are my Opportunities?
1-I am still in the start of my professional career; I have enough time for professional development. 2-Companies will be seeking for young calibers.

What are my Threats?
1-The market is economically sensitive.
2-Market obstacles and medical awareness.

According to the above evaluation of my competencies, I find that I can serve the ultimate goal of my organization which is extending and improving peoples’ quality of life. The evaluation shows that I have strengths that I can implement in my job to achieve that goal, my strengths are linked to my job description as good scientific knowledge which will help me to present clinical data, confidence, patience and good planning.

Task 2 (skills audit)

Complete the skill audit using the appendix listed below.

Competence – How competent are you in
this skill?Job Importance – How important do you
think this skill is in Employment?
1. Highly proficient 1. Unnecessary 2. Fairly proficient 2. Not very important 3. Adequate 3. Helpful 4. Not very proficient 4. Fairly important 5. Unskilled 5....
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