Personal Development Plan

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“Reflection is like looking in a mirror and analysing what you see.”

|Unit number |Assessment Method |Page Number | |1.1 |Question in pack | | |1.2 |Question in pack | | |2.1 |Question in pack | | |2.2 |Reflective Diary | | |2.3 |Case Study | | |3.1 |Reflective Diary | | |3.2 |Reflective Diary, Appraisal, Personal Development Plan | | |4.1 |Question in pack | | |4.2 |Personal Development Plan | | |4.3 |Personal Development Plan, Appraisal | | |5.1 |Reflective Diary | | |4.2 |Reflective Diary | | |4.3 |Personal Development Plan | |

Reflective Diary

Assessment On-going

Reflection is a tool for what we say and what we actually do.

Over the next academic year, we need you to fill in a Diary/Notebook about your work, What you did? Why you did it? Evaluate? What would you change next time or if you don’t change anything why not?

You will need to look at your skills and knowledge to further your areas of development through, feedback from literature searches and also review of theories, including current and emerging theories.

At the end of the year we will be looking at this and doing an overall evaluation to see how this has helped your continual Professional Development and improved ways for working.

(2.2) (3.1)(5.1) (5.2)


You must also have a completed appraisal done – You need to evaluate this to identify your own performance and inform future development. (3.2) (4.3)

Personal Development Plan

Using both the appraisal and the diary, you need to put together a Personal Development Plan, which you need to update regularly –(see next page) using SMART Targets (2.2) (3.1) (3.2) (4.2) (4.3) (5.3)

Specific – What do you want to achieve

Measurable – Are you able to manage them within the time frame.

Achievable – Are they achievable

Realistic – Are these targets realistic

Time scaled – Can you complete them within 12 months

Look at the example for a development plan. You can use this idea or make your own. Look at your strengths and weaknesses to help.

|Area |Why? |How? (e.g. where access?) |By when? |Up date | | | | | | | |To complete Level 3 |To become fully qualified. |By attending college, |July 2009 | | | | |completing my work on time and| | | | | |to a high standard. | | | | | | | |...
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