Personal Development Paper

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: June 6, 2011
I was influenced the way I determine different actions or behavior in a particular situation since I was a child. Growing up with a Baptist mother and four brothers made me value different things and behave in a particular way. In addition, this made me a have a particular ethical system that influences the way I work and act as an individual. At the corporation level, ethics is important because they set the rules and policy. In this paper, I will explain the developmental aspects of my ethics as well as my ethical system, the effects of my ethics at my workplace, and importance of ethics in an association to achieve its goals. My ethical system was shaped since I was a child. Growing up with a Baptist mother, definitely influence the way I value my family. In addition, some of my decisions are influenced by this Baptist upbringing. We treated everyone in the neighborhood like relatives, so even if you had one parent the neighbors would help the parent raise you. This was the standard I was use to until middle school, when I started wanting more freedom. My ethical system really started to develop then. The middle school I went to was 97% black 2% Hispanic and 1% white. As kids on the verge of being teens, we would test each other to do things that we knew was wrong just to see if we could get away with it. As dumb as it sounds that was the rules. As a kid, you do not think of what can go wrong. Then in high school things, changed hormones took over and everybody wanted sex. We know at that age that should have been that last thing on our minds but it was the first thing we thought about from sun up to sun down. My ethics would not allow me to take drugs. I saw for myself the effects of drugs and that was a route I could not take. Joining the Army really set in stone my ethical system that I would come to live by. We had so many rules and regulations that govern us that it only took one mistake to ruin your life. My underlying ethical system...
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