Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

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Task 1.
The importance and development of plans for personal professional development The importance of continual self-development in achieving organisational objectives is that it reduces the chance of stagnation of the employee, therefore, reducing boredom within their role. It also gives the employee the chance to improve themselves, learn new skills and increase their job satisfaction. This then helps achieve the organisational objectives by improved morale leading to high work output and less problems with missed targets due to improved job knowledge. This can be achieved by the company setting “SMART” objectives. These are Specific objectives to the employee, clear and unambiguous. These are Measurable targets that the employer and employee can discuss during the course of action (in terms of percentage or goal related). These targets are Achievable for the employee, not too easy to be ineffective yet to difficult to be disheartening and then left incomplete. These are Relevant to the employees’ job or the job they are working towards achieving. These are Time related, to a set date or hours logged, to achieve the goal set for them. The development would, also, help to achieve objectives through people becoming more capable of taking care of themselves and working harder towards the goal. My role as a Business support manager’s assistant means my current defined job responsibilities are for managing Cost Improvement Projects. In this role I have to know project management techniques to enable me to plan and effectively carry out improvement projects within the production environment to improve the efficiency of the area towards total efficiency in line with the organisational objectives. The techniques we currently use are; “Define Measure Analyse Improve Control” (DMAIC),
Ishikawa diagrams (Fishbone) these diagrams breakdown the cause of the problem into separate headings. Within manufacturing we usually start our diagrams with the 6 M’s of machines, materials, method, man power, measurement, Mother Nature. . “5 Whys”. I use this to understand a problem before the method to remove the problem has been decided upon.

Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s are an indicators of where I am at the moment with my project comparing with a targets.

“SMART” – I have to know how to use “SMART” technique to break each large goal into a series of smaller, achievable steps.

During my time in the role I have been learning to use these techniques. I feel that my skills enable me to do my job to a satisfactory level for the organisations objectives. Currently, I use all of the techniques mentioned above to develop myself and achieve the goals. However, with more training and experience into other project management principles and software such as “Minitab” I may find it easier to develop my projects and statistically show their results. 1.3. Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs Development opportunities to meet my current defined needs would be to enrol on internally available courses to learn more of the OEE system (Overall Equipment Effectiveness system) which shows percentages of overall efficiency, performance, availability and quality of every line which was or is running also being able to produce graphs of these figures. For my future defined needs it would be useful to be enrolled on courses such as a Lean Six Sigma course to enable me to use the same project management techniques as my superiors. This CMI course is also a defined need for me to progress within my organisation as it is a step towards being recognised as a fully qualified manager. My Personal development plan at the moment would be to work towards becoming the Cost Improvement Projects Manager. I plan to be in this...
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