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Learning is a development that takes places not only for the benefit of the personal life but also for the professional life. Doing a reflective practice is not a new concept in the world today. Johns and freshwater (1998) describes that there is a lot of value due to the reflective practice as a means of learning and that it is the process of studying about the self and triggered by the asking oneself about their actions and values that they follow during their day to day activities. The learning could take place either through the conscious level or through the sub conscious level. But then the main learning would come in only when an individual interacts with the external environment and not just within the self. The learning process involves a cycle which involves 4 major processes:

• Concrete experience (trying to do something or having a prior experience) • Reflection observation (reflecting on the experience faced in the past) • Abstract conceptualisation (learning from the past)

• Active experimentation (planning out what you have learned)

The learning occurs within the individual and thus there has to be an appropriate environment which would favour the individual to learn during the process and appropriate techniques should be used for the learning process.

Reflection through the logs is one of the techniques through which the previous experiences could be evaluated. In my personal experience, the logs have helped me look at the incidents and analyse them in the way that I have never thought of before and the areas that the individual such as I could improve upon. It helped me look into the future as to the areas that I would have to look upon to develop myself to go up the ladder. The learning logs thus were a visual representation of the past experiences and the learning that I had to do in the process of time.

In addition to the learning logs, the peer assessments helped me to understand the weakness that I would not have understood on my own as the group activities helped each one of the group members analyse each other through those activities and bring out their strengths and weakness. The group works that were involved during the process of personal development helped us to discuss on what each one of us do to overcome our weakness and regain our strengths and thus make sure we take the necessary steps for the future development before we involve ourselves in full time jobs at a higher levels than what we used to be in.


Wilson (1999, P.8 cited in Beard, C., Wilson, J., 2003) has defined learning as:

“... A relatively permanent change of knowledge, attitude or behaviour occurring as a result of formal education or training, or as a result of informal experiences.”

Workplace learning or learning through schools and learning help in not only the personal development but also organisational change. Kolb (1984 cited in Winch, A., Ingram, H., 2004) has put forward that the observation and reflection process is the critical 1st step in the learning process through experience. Without appropriately reflecting the experience and expressing into words, any learning would be fade away and opportunities are wasted to widen one’s knowledge. Thus any lifelong learner needs to keep a record of their learning and reflecting on the process allowing the process to be analysed.

In the future, while working in the organisation would mean that each employee would be moving forward to reach to goals of the organisation and the targets that are given for each individual to achieve. Learning could come into an individual’s life at either a conscious or sub conscious level and individuals might not realise some of the learning that they have during the work life. In any organisation, an individual always have to be working in groups and have appropriate contacts with the other individuals. While carrying out the daily activities within the organisation,...

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|Criteria |Gagan |Jaskiran |Raghu |Maithili |
|Communication Skills |10 |10 |10 |10 |
|Time management skills |10 |10 |10 |10 |
|Motivation and corporation |10 |10 |10 |10 |
|Planning and organisation |10 |10 |10 |10 |
|skills | | | | |
Through the process of peer interaction, each and every group member has been corporative in getting involved in knowing the strengths and weakness of an individual. Gagan and Maithili have been very corporative throughout the process and helped in conducting of any group meetings that we had. They had no issues with regards to communicating what they had to and in helping the group members evaluate the strengths and weakness. Jaskiran was also very corporative through the process and helped in evaluating in the method through which we could improvise ourselves through ourselves. Raghu was friendly and corporative throughout the process and also made his contribution to the group work.
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