Personal Cultural Background

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Liza Fisher
Cultural Background

My cultural background can be described as very unpleasant, I had it hard from all races. My own culture put me down because I was light skin and red hair, other culture groups put me down because I was black.

From the time I started school until my first year of High School, I was known to some races as being to good and yet to another race not being good enough.

I learned later on in school that appearance do not reveal much about each other’s backgrounds and experiences, and that we are all different, but have much in common.

The different cultures helps us understand how things are created, developed, managed, and changed. Each culture is unique, we will not find any culture that is exactly like another culture, but we will find some similarities. Some of our similarities I noticed are dedication to our families, religion, and their own native culture. Some differences I noticed is language barriers, personal and family values.

I believe that my culture background have shape the way I have live my life. My parents both are Baptist, I have live my life as a Baptist, and today I continue to and have passed it on to my children. As I got older and started meeting new people of all different background groups with new ideals that is when my true identity started coming out, I still had my family values and good morals, but it was the becoming a part of or more like a group you were not previously a part of. Assimilation for me was going to school my first year of college and being away from home the first time. I was getting involved in new groups new information and knowledge that I learned from other culture groups.
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