Personal Conflict

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People’s strengths and weaknesses are revealed during conflict Throughout all of human history there has been conflict, whether it is between nations, within families or just simply the never ending battle of the raging natural weather. But when times of conflict do arrive it is certain people are subject to challenge about who they are, what they believe and whether it will influence them to change.

In our little court we have a neighbour who most of the 13 years spent living next too, we never really got along. A good example of this bitterness between me and their son of the same age was a night when his father was put in an ambulance. The son accused me of parking in the way of ambulance but I had thought there was more than enough space for it to pass. Since we always avoided each other from direct talk, this was a great opportunity to let each other know just how we felt about each other, which involved colourful words and lovely threats therefor leading to my father having no choice but to come out side and intervene.

Identifying weaknesses and strengths can be very biased. Some people may agree that dealing with an issue in an aggressive manor (which is how we both responded) is a strength and to some, including my Dad, may call it a weakness, though in times of hardship it’s easy to react to a conflict based on emotions without second thought, therefor I believe your actions are based on your true feelings. The initial spark of the conflict was how his father was put into an ambulance and because of those emotions; it led him to start an argument with me, rather than ignore each other like we have done over all the years.

Though it may have led to the neighbour spitting on our lawn, what may have happened if it weren’t for my father intervening could have been a lot worse. Self-control is inarguably a valued strength, and it was self-control that we both were lacking, which you could say was our weakness, that was defiantly revealed that night....
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